This month our value word is Thoughtfulness.

Mrs Knipe, Assistant Headteacher has given some examples of where our children have been thoughtful.

I have seen many examples of this throughout the school last week.
I saw Kieran stopping what he was doing to help Miss Procter move the computer trolley.
I saw Osama in the dining room offer Mrs Butterworth a knife and fork.
Someone stopped to ask if I was okay when I knocked my leg on the furniture.
I saw children holding doors open for teachers.

I am pleased to say that I think Bells Farm children are very thoughtful.

Year 4 have been thinking about the value word and have thought about times that they have been thoughtful. Here are some of the things they said:




Our value word this month is Freedom and in assembly on Friday Mrs Knipe discussed the values we hold dear in this country.

Two of our British Values are about individual liberty and the FREEDOM to express opinions and choices – this is all done alongside the rules and laws of this country. We also have mutual respect for those of a different religion, who have different beliefs and culture to ours.

We give people the FREEDOM to express themselves and live their lives the way they wish.

Year 4 discussed Freedom in class – here are some of the things they have said:



Year 5 Kestrels have discussed this month’s value word of tolerance. Their little video clip challenges you to think about being tolerant especially when people don’t understand or get something right first time. It can be easy to get cross or laugh at others, but by being tolerant you avoid upsetting and hurting people’s feelings.



This month’s value word is Responsibility. Year 6 have been thinking carefully about the responsibility they now have as the oldest children in the school and the example they should be setting to the other children at Bells Farm. They have written out learning promises and now have a responsibility to see them through.

Please read Charlie’s learning promise below:




Respect – this is our value word for the month of July. It’s a word that is used often and sometimes wrongly by some people. Lots of people demand respect and sometimes people use lack of respect as a reason to argue or fight with others. One thing we need to be clear about is that respect is something you must give – you will never receive respect unless you are kind and supportive of others and look after each other, your environment and your belongings. In today’s assembly Mrs Knipe discussed with everyone how we can show respect. She played a YouTube clip about respect which is attached to this blog. Take time to look and listen.



June’s value word is Courage. Courage is about having the strength to face up to the challenges of life. Courage can change lives. People of courage have changed the world!

By being brave and having the courage to face challenges and difficulties, we can grow and make our lives much better.



Our values word this month is Friendship – we will learn and talk about what makes a good friend and how we can be friends to others. Try to remember that you can show friendship to lots of different people in lots of different ways. Think about your close friends this month and ask yourself if you are really a true friend.



Our value word this month is Hope – when we think about this word it conjures up lots of things. Hope that we will do the right thing, hope that tomorrow will be better than today, hope that we may win the lottery!

One thing we all need to remember though is that we all need hope – hope allows us to believe that things will work out for the best.



This month’s values word is Honesty. I am pleased to say that I have heard lots of examples of people being honest about their actions and as a result of that honesty we have been able to sort out lots of issues quickly and calmly. As the quote says ‘Honesty is the best policy’

So this month please….

  • Try to be honest when you do something wrong.
  • Try not to blame other people, but acknowledge your mistakes, and apologize and so learn and move on.