Year 4 have been discussing this month’s values word – Respect. You can read some of their comments on the blogs.
It is great to read about all the different ways that they found to show and give respect. There was respect for others, including adults and friends. What was wonderful to read as well was their understanding of the respect we should show people regardless of their faith or race and the acknowledgement of people’s rights to live their lives how they wish.

Have a look at this clip all about respect:


This month’s values word is Courage. We have seen the courage of people over the last few weeks with the events that have happened in London and Manchester and we have seen how courageous our emergency services have been as well as the general public. It is not always easy to do things such as standing up to others or speaking out when you see something wrong – but it is important that we do so.


This month our value word is Perseverance. I have seen many examples of this throughout the school. Year 6, who, throughout the year have persevered with their learning which culminated in all their hard work being put to good use in last week’s SATs. Children in all year groups persevering with learning their number clubs and children in Year 1 persevering and following a recipe to create some cakes.

Perseverance is also one of our learning behaviours and something that we encourage every day in our learning.


The value word for the month of April is Friendship – while looking at the blogs this week I came across some lovely work from Year 4 who were discussing friendship during circle time. Have a read here of all the lovely comments they made about Friendship.


‘Honesty is the best policy’ that is a phrase that we hear a lot but at Bells Farm it is vitally important. As a Peacemakers school we encourage everyone to tell the truth and to be honest. We have come to realise that by doing so problems can be sorted out much quicker and easily. Little lies can often grow into huge problems for everyone! I am pleased to say that a lot of children in school now realise that honesty is in fact the best policy – well done!!

Year 2 Toucans had a very sensible discussion about honesty during Circle Time this week. We discussed times when we had been honest when we had done something wrong, here are some of their ideas. See their full blog about their discussion – click here.


This month our value word is Caring – Year 3 were asked how they would show a caring attitude at school. They discussed all the little things that they could do to show that they care. They came up with a map of ideas – have a look at all the lovely ideas they thought of.

Year 3 discussion about caring

Showing that we care can be done in many ways BIG or small – just holding a door open or asking if someone has had a nice day. Think of ways in which you can show you care this month – you never know someone might show they care for you too!



This month our value word is Thoughtfulness.

Mrs Knipe, Assistant Headteacher has given some examples of where our children have been thoughtful.

I have seen many examples of this throughout the school last week.
I saw Kieran stopping what he was doing to help Miss Procter move the computer trolley.
I saw Osama in the dining room offer Mrs Butterworth a knife and fork.
Someone stopped to ask if I was okay when I knocked my leg on the furniture.
I saw children holding doors open for teachers.

I am pleased to say that I think Bells Farm children are very thoughtful.

Year 4 have been thinking about the value word and have thought about times that they have been thoughtful. Here are some of the things they said:




Our value word this month is Freedom and in assembly on Friday Mrs Knipe discussed the values we hold dear in this country.

Two of our British Values are about individual liberty and the FREEDOM to express opinions and choices – this is all done alongside the rules and laws of this country. We also have mutual respect for those of a different religion, who have different beliefs and culture to ours.

We give people the FREEDOM to express themselves and live their lives the way they wish.

Year 4 discussed Freedom in class – here are some of the things they have said:



Year 5 Kestrels have discussed this month’s value word of tolerance. Their little video clip challenges you to think about being tolerant especially when people don’t understand or get something right first time. It can be easy to get cross or laugh at others, but by being tolerant you avoid upsetting and hurting people’s feelings.