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We are sure that the children already show alot of appreciation at home, but we can now look ahead to thinking of the other aspects of life which we can appreciate.

We will be encouraging the children to think of all sorts of things which they take for granted and to perhaps think about them in more depth. A very old fashioned phrase and saying is:

‘Count your blessings’ and this goes hand in hand with the March values word of appreciation – being grateful for all that we have.

Appreciation can be as simple as a ‘Thank You’ or applause in assembly, to showing how much we appreciate someone by giving them a hug. Please encourage your child to use their manners and say thank you, to show they appreciate it when they are given something, or someone does something for them.

There are lots of lovely stories about appreciation – maybe you have seen some of these? Or perhaps there are others you already have at home, which the children can read to understand appreciation.?

– Sam and the Lucky Money by Karen Chinn
– A chair for my mother by Vera Williams
– Uncle Willie and the soup Kitchen by Anne Disalvo