In today’s assembly we were shown this picture and asked a number of questions…

‘What do you see in the picture?’
‘Where are the people and what are they doing?’
‘What is the shop called?’
‘What do you think is sold in the shop’

We then found out that this shop opened in London a few years ago. In this shop people do not buy for themselves instead they buy things for refugees. We discussed what a refugee was and why they would need things and we talked about how nice it was to think of others at Christmas and how caring the people in the photograph were being. We found out that people had bought blankets and sleeping bags and that the shop had raised nearly £800,000 for refugees. We talked about how this picture shows what people in the UK think about refugees and we talked about what we can learn from the owners of the shop. The people buying gifts from the shop do not care about the race, religion or background of the refugees they just want to help.

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