Today in assembly we were reminded again of the story about the girl who had complained about the use of the word ‘Linemen’ and had asked if it could be changed as women could do the job as well as men (see values blog for January). This week in assembly we looked at this picture of some cheerleaders. The picture was special because for the first time in its 53 year history two men had participated as cheerleaders at the Superbowl. We learnt that while men had never actually been banned from taking part this was the first time any had actually performed. We talked about how this shows how the world is moving on from thinking that men and women can only do certain jobs in society and that actually if you are able to do something you should be given the chance to prove it or take part. We also talked about how we are lucky at Bells Farm because we let everyone take part and do not discriminate – girls and boys can take part in lots of activities together – if you can do the job, then why not?

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