The values word for February is ‘Caring’. It is a time when we can encourage the children to think about who (or what) needs looking after.

Many children have pets, and although the idea may start with the children being responsible for feeding and looking after them, we know all too soon, that the responsibility often ends up with adults in the household. Perhaps, for this month, the children could become the responsible ‘carer’, encouraging them to think about everything their pet needs to be healthy and happy.

It is not just animals which need care. The world around us also needs looking after too. Caring for our environment could be as simple as not dropping litter, or as wide as looking after and caring for the garden. At this time of year, some bulbs are starting to peep through, so encourage the children not to go tramping over the new shoots, but allow them to grow and bloom.

Families also need care and love. Perhaps the children, for each day in February, can think of something nice they could say (or do) to show they care for others in their family. Even a simple please and thank you may be enough. Caring does not have to be big and bold, but can be something small which means a lot. Encourage the children to be caring this month, in whatever way they can.

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